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  1. Consistent sidebar content & semantic query  ·  declined

  2. sql like query  ·  We've read your feedback

  3. Responsive maps embed  ·  We've read your feedback

  4. Responsive (Responsiveness) Design and Layout  ·  under review

  5. Horrible search resultes, forced to use Google. Just use a search query below.  ·  We've read your feedback

  6. Bing translation: return translated results for multi-lingual queries

  7. Make simple queries (currency, weather, ...) work on all portal, not just US  ·  Pending

  8. Bing should be able to detect if your query is rather an address or a company name!  ·  completed

  9. Add an opportunity to retrieve / change Bing Maps API query key programmatically or via powershell  ·  We've read your feedback

  10. Add WHOIS command response  ·  We've read your feedback

  11. I moved from Google because Bing retains input focus while typing the query

  12. Add SpotCrime data to the map  ·  under review

  13. Disable query alterations for seaches on exact phrases  ·  We've read your feedback

  14. Recognise structured data encoded in JSON-LD  ·  started

  15. Data visualization for UWP  ·  under review

  16. Real time Data

  17. Geomedicine - interactive web apps from reliable open data provider.  ·  Waiting

  18. Bring back Bing Image's Reverse Image Search using User-Uploaded image (or Web image URL) as query  ·  completed

  19. Medical, legal and tax questions

  20. Provide better point of interest data  ·  completed

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