Rules for submitting a Bing Homepage photo

Please make sure that your photo satisfies all the requirements below, or it will not be considered.

Technical photo requirements

All homepage image candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered:

·        Format: JPG only

·        Dimensions: Final size is 1920x1080 and 1080x1920. The raw image should be at least twice the size. (Recommend at least 3000px wide and 300dpi) We prefer to have the image submitted in its original size and aspect ratio.  This will allow us the most option when sizing and cropping to meet the needs of the homepage. 

·        Orientation: We optimize for horizontal frame – But we also produce vertical images for mobile devices

·        Resolution: at least 2 MB

·        No watermark, signature or photographer name can be included in the image file. 

·        Composition: Space in the upper left hand side for the logo and search box. As seen in the diagram below, Zone B must be free of any content that will compete with the search box. Examples of acceptable imagery for this zone would be sky, water, grass, mountains or anything else made of up consistent color and shade. We might flip the image, as appropriate, to clear Zone B for the search box.

Limits on Subject Matter

We strive to show new things every day, but we do have the following limits on subject matter:

  • No recognizable people
  • No digital compositions or other obvious computer manipulation
  • No 3rd party trademarks or logos (such as distinctive packaging or building exteriors or interiors) owned by others
  • No objectionable content, such as alcohol, smoking, guns, violence, or nudity
  • No content that is defamatory to any group or individual and/or violates any law
  • No text, signage, advertisements

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