How Bing determines your location

To provide the most accurate and up-to-date search results possible, Bing often attempts to determine where a search is coming from geographically. That way, for example, a search for "restaurants" can include the best dining options nearby. We also utilize location info to determine things like what language to use.

Bing guesses your location from the IP address assigned to your computer by an internet service provider, such as Comcast or AT&T. Additionally, with your permission, we use the location info sent to us from your device (such as GPS).

You can change your location on Bing at any time using the approach below. And remember, if you ever want to search for something outside your geographic area, just add the name of the desired city to your search (eg: "sushi vancouver").

Change your location on Bing

Click the gear wheel in the upper-right of any page on Bing, then click Settings

On the Settings page go to Location and enter the desired city and state, or zip code. 

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