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Bing malware protection

Malware (adware or spyware) can install itself on your computer without your knowledge and be exploited by hackers to steal your personal information, direct you to unwanted websites, and much more.

Bing constantly scans web pages for malware threats. Whenever a suspicious site is clicked-on, Bing provides the following warning to prevent malware infestation of your computer:

The Bing Site Safety Report is another anti-malware resource. If you want to find out whether Bing thinks a site is potentially malicious and why, simply replace “PutSiteUrlHere” with the site you want to investigate:

Site details like the following indicate whether Bing has flagged the site as unsafe:

Suspect malware? Let us know.

If you ever run across a web site you think may be hosting malware, use the Bing feedback link in the bottom of any page on Bing. We will investigate the page and take appropriate action.

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