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Personalize the Bing homepage

Anyone can personalize their Bing homepage tiles by signing up for Bing Interests. Bing Interests allows you to track the things you care about, like top news, stocks, weather, and more. 

Here’s how to set it up

1)  Sign in to Bing with your Microsoft account.

2)  Once you're signed in, click the gear icon in the upper right.

3)  Under Settings, click Interests on the left of the page.

4)  Click Start now on the Interests welcome page.

5)  In the Interests Manager, click Start tour and complete the tour.

6)  When your tour concludes you'll see a few Interests tiles (they have star icons in the upper left) have been added to your homepage. Click End tour to return to the Interests Manager and begin adding your own tiles.

7)  You can also add Interests at any time by clicking the "Stay updated on this ..." link next to the star on applicable search results pages.

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