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Getting the most out of the new image search experience

We hope you’ve heard about all the new features we’ve added to image search. These features are intended to help you learn more and do more with images.

As part of these improvements, we also tweaked a few of our existing features to create a better overall experience:

  • Pin to Pinterest and Play slideshow of results have moved

If you don’t see them in the lower right, simply click the … and you’ll see a list of actions, as shown circled in green below.

  •  New action! Clip to OneNote

Clip to OneNote lets you organize images and links you’re researching into your personal online notebook. We’ll continue to add more actions to this space over time.

  • More sizes and pages with this image result have moved

You can now find them by scrolling down or clicking the arrow on the bottom right of the screen.

  • Related searches moved and enhanced

You can find related searches to the right of the search box at the top of the page. You can also see more types of related searches, and Pinterest collections the image is in, by scrolling down.

  • Mouse scroll to next image

In order to add so many new features, we had to get rid of one old one. Though you can still use swipe actions and your left/right keyboard keys to scroll through the filmstrip, scrolling your mouse will not cause the filmstrip to advance. On the bright side, mouse scrolls now give you access to more image info, purchase information (beta), additional sizes of an image result, and so much more.

We will be introducing more image search features in the coming weeks, so keep checking the Bing Blog for those announcements.  

Please continue to submit your ideas & feedback here or via the feedback button on the image search page. We’ll keep an eye out for your feedback and use it to improve the experience over time.

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