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How do I get my votes back?

There are two ways in which you get back your votes:

1. When ideas are closed, votes are returned

When an idea is given a “Completed” or “Declined” status, votes will be returned to users.

2. You can redistribute your votes

Sometimes you don’t want to wait for your votes to be returned. You see a new idea and want to be able to vote for it right away. You actually have the option to reorganize your votes.

To do this, log into the UserVoice site. You’ll see your username in the top right corner and a “Settings” link underneath. Click on the link.

You’ll see your profile on the right and on the left two tabs—"My Ideas" and “Comments.”

If you click on “My Ideas,” you will see a list of all the suggestions you’ve voted for. The blue vote button shows how many votes you’ve given each idea.

When you click on the button, you’ll be given the option to change the number of votes you’ve given the idea or to remove your votes altogether.

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